Really? Thats not even an actual title :/

Well,there you go,the usual me.Self deprication at its peak.But hey,thats how I am and there’s nothing that I would want to change about myself.


Well,I could go on and on about how it’s the epitome of something really magnificent,yet undeciphered,still incomprehensible,but hey…..I really don’t want to bombard you with this much jargon.

It just suffices to say that this blog is an extension of my creative medium.My thoughts about this “beautiful” world(in quotes because that is exactly what I want to explore as of now).

Beauty is in the slow rustle of leaves on a windy autumn evening,beauty is in the sudden flight of a flock of birds at the slightest disturbance nearby,beauty is what symmetry assigns and man perceives.

So,here is a short glimpse into my musings.


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