Food for thought?

One of the thoughts that struck me as eerily odd was the simple realisation that food is basically a feast for the eyes and a sensation in our mouth.Whatsoever eaten ultimately has no real materialistic aspect.

That being said,I would never give up on my love for momos for the world.

Recently,I started my foray into the culinary world.Woah!!! Strong terminology there.I meant baking,well mostly.Brownies and Pancakes were the results.I must say that a pat on my back is much deserved because it turned out to be really edible,to say the least.

But,the one thing that I couldn’t bring myself to digest was the fact that all those flour and eggs combined in myriad ways to be manifested in these goodies.

Even then,I wasn’t really satisfied at the realisation that it was swiped clean in no time at all.Maybe more than the physical evidence of my efforts,it was the simple truth that if I put my mind to it then the results would be highly amusing.

I think that’s what cooking and eating food is all about,it is the inner joy rather than the very process or the cost of it itself.

Maybe that is the essence of soul food.Eating healthy or eating junk,whichever makes us appreciate the simplest pleasures of life should be taken in.The peace of mind that we get from eating food whether it be a bowl of salad or that hearty load of brownies,is compared to seldom anything else.

Food for thought,food for life,food for soul.



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