Can I be an emoji?

Well,I guess so.🙈

It’s marvellous how a living,breathing human being can be expressed in a single emoticon.

Philosophers and great thinkers have tried since ages to describe humans in various ways.But lo and behold,our generation need not brainstorm as their identities are gathered in a single emoji.

It is so intricate that you can match literally anything for it to resemble you like from your eye colour to the very way your body is built.

Marvelous!Amazing! Incredible!

What’s more? You can even go on to express yourself through various moods as the choices provided are nearing a gazillion.

Truly,technology has pervaded our very existence.The movie,The Circle coming out this April depicts this danger in a very subtle yet intriguing way.This issue has actually piqued my interest in the realest possible manner.I am gearing myself up for the movie by having a go at the book from which this movie is adapted first.Dave Eggers is trying to show us an alternate reality of this modern generation which could soon be breathed into existence seeing the pace at which we are going ahead.

Black Mirror,the ubiquitous Netflix series,is another portal through which we get to know about the realities of the virtual worlds we live in.

In view of all this,I recently decided to take up the 24h no-screen challenge in which I have to keep away from my mobile at all costs.Needless to say that I couldn’t stay put for more than twelve hours.What a shame!

Now I have come to the conclusion that I actually have become addicted to my black screen.Something needs to be done.Right here!Right this moment!

Or I would remain to be nothing but a version of my emoji!!


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