Taken – for granted!

Sometimes I wonder is breathing above ground more worth it than breathing under the ground forever? Fair warning,that this post is going to be a deep,long gaze into the the darkest recesses of my mind.Proceed with caution!
What am I? Why am I? Where am I? How am I? 

These are the questions that haunt me every waking second of my life,day in and day out.What is the meaning of existing? Does this existence really matter? The “it” word has allured me since a long,long time but seldom have I had the courage to face it.

Isn’t it true then that we don’t value ourselves as much till the moment we cease to exist? Seeing is easier than believing,but then what we see binds us to tangible evidence.Enchanting as it might just seem,but truth be quiet rightfully bellowed out that it takes enormous amounts of courage to live,to breath,to see,to walk,and to talk,concealing all the darkness underneath only to radiate a million rays of happiness.As,it should honestly be acknowledged that only the darkest tunnels have the most brilliant sunshine at its end,only the deepest trenches can be found by ebullient rays of hope,only the thickest jungles are worthy of the everlasting illumination.

Thus,I bravely venture to say that,

Today,we will rise; Today,we will see the world; Today,we will look up; Today,we will face it

Because,we never know what tomorrow holds so might as well not take today for granted!


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