Do you make these mistakes too?


“Vroom…..vroom…..vroom..…..”, Oh! There goes the Audi of my dreams, exclaimed Sam to himself.

“Hey, don’t be so sad over your marks.Let’s go shopping, you will feel much better” thus, two friends consoled each other.

“Oh, she got a new phone already? She barely used her old one for a month”, she thought to herself while scrolling through her friend’s newsfeed.

Looks familiar? Surely, it is.Little do we realise that we have already been slaves to the clutches of material possesssions.In all its entirety, we often fail to recognise the reasons and consequences of our actions and thoughts.Materialism comes in many shapes and sizes often fueled by our own deficiencies in deciding what we should ideally be valuing the most.

The latest fashion trends, the trendiest of vehicles, the most advanced of gadgets are what is being considered desirable over more grounded priorities like being compassionate, empathetic and doing our share to enrich others spiritual well being.

When we worship such worldly possessions, we are but inadvertently disobeying the very commandment of not having multiple Gods.”Happy are those who trust the Lord, who do not turn to idols or join those who worship false gods.”(Psalms:40).The thing with materialism is that it goes way back. Children are taught that their success and happiness in life is stated by how much stuff they have. Kids will normally want things… especially if their friends have them and so they are provided with those things within their parent/guardians financial abilities to do so.

The concept of “earning” something has been lost and replaced by the concept of “getting what you want without working for it”.

The society we live in have been rapidly modernised and immaterial values seldom find ample breathing space.When brought up in such an environment, it is but natual to fall prey to the enchantment of having many worldly goods.Our Christian faith is built upon the virtue of helping one another, loving one another and growing together in faith.The process of cultivating a humanitarian nature is much emphasised upon and held on utmost importance.

This cycle of wants keeps on propelling us forward on the path of destruction as once we attain the object of our desire, we start looking for something even better.We are never satisfied with what we have but are always in search of options.The most addictive aspect is that there is no dearth for such options as the market is always on the lookout for the consumer’s satisfaction.The marketing strategy used by the brands plays upon the very psychological makeup of the targeted consumers.Thus, we find it even more unavoidable to get swayed by the product’s features.More often, the shops use the “foot-in-door” method where they initially appeal for a smaller product and once the customer gives in, they put forth a bigger offer within the context of the previous one.In such situations, it has mostly been noticed that the individual gives in to the mindplay of the salesman.This is how we become victims and often end up buying things which we never really thought we needed.

If we go a little further, the picture becomes even more clear.It is seen that the individual very often falls prey to such schemes when they realise that they are lacking something in themselves.When we are stressed, anxious or feeling a little under the weather, it creates a void in ourselves which we want to complete with as many material happiness as we possibly can. 
Since, such replacements have a very short life span, we turn to buying even more to satisfy ourselves.What we fail to recognise is that such temporary fixes do not help us in the long run.We must inculcate the habit of examinig our actions from a deeper perspective on a daily basis.Why are we attracted to certain things? Why exactly are we buying this? Do I really need this at this point of time? If we see that the answer to the above questions are directed to more materialistic goals than inner growth, then we must take a step back and realise our mistakes before its too late.

When faced with conflicting situations and depressing conditions, we must always remember that there is one above who has plans for us and quite surely, they are plans for our prosperityand happiness alone.

When faced with difficult situations, it is always helpful to have a heart-to-heart conversation with friends, parents or any trusted person whom you know is always there to lend an ear.When such internal conflicts are resolved and put to rest, you will see that there will be a marked difference in your thought patterns and you will no longer find transient solace in material goods.Remember that in this worldly journey, trials and tribulations are but a natural obstacle as it makes us stronger in our spirutual growth.
There is not a power stronger than prayer.There is not a mountain unmovable by faith.There is nothing as vast as God’s love.

Thus, we should gain a strong foothold on our own selves and make sure that we don’t let our greed reign over us.We need to regulate our own actions and catch hold of anything that holds us tied down.So, now let us call it a truce with our material nature and get ready to vroom onto the road to eternal happiness!


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