The 2 minute guide to self love!

Just one more scoop. (Gosh! Where is my self control?)

You are too mean. (Oh no! Why did I say that?)

Yup, guilt trips are nothing new to us.More often than not, we unintentionally get trapped in this cycle of self blame which never seems to halt.Why do we find it so much appropriate and even more easy to blame ourselves than the rightful perpetrator? Why does it seem so satisfying yet so stressful all at the same time when we presume the blame to be just ours and ours alone?

Is there any theory? Any explanation?  Any singular hypothesis which would put to rest our overthinking, over analysing, falsely attributing, ever so fidgeting minds? Where is the elixir? Where is that fountain of truth? Where is that elusive antedote for our non chalancy? 

All the same, not all of us are akin to blame ourselves.In fact,it is commonly observed that those with a higher sense of self esteem tend to not take notice of their mistakes but rather find it invigorating to blame those who consider less of themselves.

Yes, acceptance of one’s own mistakes is but a natural process towards greater heights but it shouldn’t solely tie us down with the vice of overthinking.To err is but humane.It is better to not dwell on our blimeys but surge forward with the hopes of never repeating those errors.It wil be hard not to think about what we could had possibly done to make things a little better, a little more perfect and maybe a little more fitting to others expectations.But shouldnt we be mature enough to understand that all thats dead and gone and past is better left to their own devices rather than being dug up again and again to rot even further?

When was the last time you smiled when you fell down? When was the last time you forgave others saltiness? When was the last time you truly enjoyed that sticky sweet, heart warming, ever so cheerful morsel of all that is good in this world? And truly, when was the last time you left stuff to mend on their own, danced with the breeze and enjoyed a moment of calm?

Have you ever noticed kids? Well, if not, then I assure you the next time you observe a child, they might just teach you a lesson or two about life and how best to live it! They dont care if the sky is meant to be blue or trees are always green.They make their own rules and dont give two hoots about what others have to say, like their rainbow skies and bubblegum trees! They dont care about being pleasing to others when they spread their hands far and wide, sing their own looney tunes and sway themselves away to glory without a care in the world about who will judge them or not.They will croon and swoon to their very own best and maybe take you along on their joyride.Be like these kids, dont just drift through some collection of moments and call it a life but rather live each moment, cherish it, devour it and be always open to more and more experiences.

You never know what will hapoen at just the blink of your eye, dont just waste your life pitying your very existence but be thankful for your two hands, two legs, and march onto a more fulfilling life ahead!


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