Can you fly with your feet on ground?

That daily routine of going to and from, hither to tither, drifting along with the crowd, mentally checking off our to-do lists and constantly worrying about what will happen next.Isnt this how we live our lives, simply conforming to the society, dressing to suit others aesthetic senses, adopting the mannerisms hammered to perfection by our parents, feeling the emotions conditioned by circumstances, knowing only the things which will be of our immediate use.Why do I feel that we are nothing but puppets in the hands of this conventional society where even a singular strand of hair out of place is firmly scowled upon.

But I firmly refuse to be restricted in my entire being, I firmly reject this supposedly rigid norms.You know why? Its my mind to applaud and blame at the same time.It refuses to stay at one place.It wants to soar with the wind, fly up above the clouds, swooning past the wide expanses of oceans, raring across the expanse of fields, amusing itself with the lush green of forests, the rainbow of colours seen from a valley of flowers.It wanders, loiters and gets ever so lost but yet so found.It yearns to travel to places unseen.To talk to random people on the way, know about their life, help those in need without even waiting for a kind word or two in return, It needs no address, no money, no obligations whatsoever.It depends on the co-operation of the catalysts present in the universe.The very same chain reaction propelled by a single act of kindness, which passes on and on to reach its final destination which inadvertently ends up being the initiator itself.

No end, no beginning, just life and living.Love and loving.

Dont we all atleast at some point of time have wanted to drift away from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives? Just put up our feet, let our hair down, and chill with some calming music? Even if for a momentary peace, why dont we allow ourselves to just be.Be present at the moment, listen to our heart and forget about all the clamouring that goes on inside ourselves.

It takes great courage to leave everything behind, all our possessions, all our near and dear ones and set off on the journey of a lifetime.With just the essentials, setting our foot down and going forward to take a leap of faith, not knowing where to begin, how to continue or even where it finally ends.But, once we make up our minds to play along with our wanderlust, there wont be anything holding us down.At that very instant, that very second, it will become crystal clear that whatsoever we considered to be our most priceless possessions are nothing but just some trinkets which are easily transient.We start to realise the importance of letting go of such delusions and start seeking our inner calm.Its a continuous process you see, and it certainly cannot be achieved in a day or two.Maybe a week, a month, or it could take years and years on end.You will start to notice yourselves completely metamorphising as you progress further and further ahead.One way to keep track of your journey is to jot down the changes you notice someplace safe.Once, when you notice that the changes have been increasing of late, leaf through your previous records and there you have it, the transformation you were longing for has been already underway.

It is hard, very hard to keep track and not loose our minds.As we age, these obligations and responsibilities keep on increasing.There would never be an end to it all.It will seem even more stressful and we even forget to yearn for a moment of calm.Its better to realise while we still can that its a short life and the choices we have are created by the very same circumstances we choose or discard.It is entirely upto us to bear with the consequences of our own choices.Have you truly lived your life if you don’t really have any regrets? Can we then bear in mind that the regeret of having never lived life on our own terms would never find a place on our list of regrets?

Free your spirit! Free your mind! Take heed of your heart and soul!

Fly up, up and away! 


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