Are you ashamed of your flaws?

“Still waters run deep.”

Yes, they do.But, do you ever pause to think how they got their depth? Wont you like to know the backstory? The numerous trials which often times went on an infinite loop and left the bearer with anything even remotely tangible? Good day! What sort of a world are we living in? Airbrushed to perfection, not a flab there nor a fault here, picture perfect and raring on the go signal.No sir! We dont accept imperfections and waywardness.Be in the league or stay a wagabond.

Amazing, I must say.What have we really evolved into? 




The cyborg is not far away, and I doubt if the men of tomorrow would be any different from us.Since when did we stop accepting oueselves in our entirety? Who changed us? or rather I must ask Why did we ever change? 

Those spit filled kisses we used to give our reflections on the mirror have all but faded into pure oblivion.We are far far away from our innocent, childhood selves.

These days, it is hard, very hard to live with everything which we perceive to be wrong with our own selves which is only fuelled to magnanimous proportions by those glossy magazine models and ever so popular televised media.

Why dont we simply live with the fact that some things are better in their true copy as no amount of tinkering we do with it wont be enough.They say that you should wear your heart on your sleeves.Well, I say, wear your faults like an armour deflecting all that negativity from the outside world.Show them your true selves with all its imperfections and tell them to bring it down with their best shot.Little do they realise that you know yourself better than they ever will and you are your own end and beginning.


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