An ode to the Evil Queen👑

Choose your poison! 

You,my dear,is surely begotten

Soon enough,you will be forgotten!

Lies it were,when the mirror said,

“Fairest of ’em all!”,well played,well played.

Your Father,the King,slave to my ambition

Taken,you were,to the forest so dark,

Ordered to be beheaded,lest you just lurk

Little did I know,Your skin as white as snow,

You were forsaken,for my dark intentions to awaken.

Snow White,That’s right!

Die,you will,with all my might.

Dressed as an old hag,lest my plans not lag

Choose your poison,my dear

Apples for you,Poisoned I knew

You took a bite,fell in deep slumber

You couldn’t have been any dumber!

Revenge atlast,Vengeance to everlast!

I am the Evil Queen,over a kingdom I forever reign

With dreams galore,Forever etched in folklore 

Shattered by your puny protectors,

Banished by those meddling defectors…

(P.S. This poem is written from the perspective of the evil queen)