A piece of my peace of mind🌊

Ahh…the cool breeze on my face….hair fluttering behind to the rhythm of the soft wind…my sundress doing an alluring dance to the beat of the wave…sand drifting through my feet in tune with the constant splash of the tide…
No wonder why I am in everlasting love with the sea!! Who could possibly detest this instant mood lifter? 

The calmness of the sea is in sharp contrast with the raging storm inside me,consuming my whole within its violent clutches,worries aside as I believe there is no amount of internal turmoil uncalmable by the sea.

Seeing the waves do an ancient form of hieroglyphic salsa enchants me to its beauty,the sky and the vast ocean blue coalescing into the most amazing scenery on Earth,beckoning my eyes to capture them in its entirety,absorbing every molecule of its iridescent presence.
See the sea….

Hear the sea….

Feel the sea….

Be one with the sea….

Heaven on Earth,accept me unto your loving hands,caress me,calm me and shield me from all treacheries!