Here’s why you don’t need the perfect body!

The questions in the above image really muddled my mind.I don’t even come close to seven yards with respect to these questions.

Then why men? Why stylists?why society?why world? Do you have to hammer my body into this concrete boundary of feminine beauty?

Why does the stylist attempt to mould every body type to look like the hourglass figure?

Oh yes! Le hourglass.The epitome of perfection,the creme de la creme,the unachievable,unnatural,unrealistic,undue goal set forth by all “normal” women of this world.

I am no one to speak for other girls but I assure you that I will unabashedly speak about myself.You know why? Because I’m not afraid of my body,my shape,my size.Yeah,I’m not perfect.You’re correct,I ain’t stylish.Absolutely,I’m not the apple of anyone’s eye.

But wait,won’t you hear my truth?

I’m kind,I respect others,I care for them with all my heart no matter what they may look like because we are all humans,brought into this world by love and for love.

Ladies and gentlemen,thats all there is to it.It doesn’t matter if we can sport a Michael Kors or Vera Wang with as much panache as a runway model,it doesn’t matter at all if we have abs as taut as Gigi Hadid’s or legs as long as Beyonce’s.

But I dare to say that what matters above all this is a loving heart and nurturing relations.

So,throw away that Gucci,burn down to ashes that Promod,and tear away them Jimmy Choos.

As,we will march towards a better future for all those young girls out there.

That anorexic girl who cries herself to sleep each night?

That petite girl who wishes she had better assets?

That tall girl who shies away from the crowd?

That fat girl who is depressed due to the constant bullying?

We will help them!

We will tell them that looks don’t matter so much!

We will them that they are perfect just the way they are!

We will tell them that real women are not found on ramps,but they are found on the sidewalk hurrying towards securing their future,with no time to take a second glance to see if their hair is alright,busy with their lives and floating much above the shallow perceptions of our society.

They are the torchbearers of a more positive and accepting society.Lets look upto them and bestow them a round of our appreciative applause.


Can I be an emoji?

Well,I guess so.🙈

It’s marvellous how a living,breathing human being can be expressed in a single emoticon.

Philosophers and great thinkers have tried since ages to describe humans in various ways.But lo and behold,our generation need not brainstorm as their identities are gathered in a single emoji.

It is so intricate that you can match literally anything for it to resemble you like from your eye colour to the very way your body is built.

Marvelous!Amazing! Incredible!

What’s more? You can even go on to express yourself through various moods as the choices provided are nearing a gazillion.

Truly,technology has pervaded our very existence.The movie,The Circle coming out this April depicts this danger in a very subtle yet intriguing way.This issue has actually piqued my interest in the realest possible manner.I am gearing myself up for the movie by having a go at the book from which this movie is adapted first.Dave Eggers is trying to show us an alternate reality of this modern generation which could soon be breathed into existence seeing the pace at which we are going ahead.

Black Mirror,the ubiquitous Netflix series,is another portal through which we get to know about the realities of the virtual worlds we live in.

In view of all this,I recently decided to take up the 24h no-screen challenge in which I have to keep away from my mobile at all costs.Needless to say that I couldn’t stay put for more than twelve hours.What a shame!

Now I have come to the conclusion that I actually have become addicted to my black screen.Something needs to be done.Right here!Right this moment!

Or I would remain to be nothing but a version of my emoji!!

Food for thought?

One of the thoughts that struck me as eerily odd was the simple realisation that food is basically a feast for the eyes and a sensation in our mouth.Whatsoever eaten ultimately has no real materialistic aspect.

That being said,I would never give up on my love for momos for the world.

Recently,I started my foray into the culinary world.Woah!!! Strong terminology there.I meant baking,well mostly.Brownies and Pancakes were the results.I must say that a pat on my back is much deserved because it turned out to be really edible,to say the least.

But,the one thing that I couldn’t bring myself to digest was the fact that all those flour and eggs combined in myriad ways to be manifested in these goodies.

Even then,I wasn’t really satisfied at the realisation that it was swiped clean in no time at all.Maybe more than the physical evidence of my efforts,it was the simple truth that if I put my mind to it then the results would be highly amusing.

I think that’s what cooking and eating food is all about,it is the inner joy rather than the very process or the cost of it itself.

Maybe that is the essence of soul food.Eating healthy or eating junk,whichever makes us appreciate the simplest pleasures of life should be taken in.The peace of mind that we get from eating food whether it be a bowl of salad or that hearty load of brownies,is compared to seldom anything else.

Food for thought,food for life,food for soul.


Really? Thats not even an actual title :/

Well,there you go,the usual me.Self deprication at its peak.But hey,thats how I am and there’s nothing that I would want to change about myself.


Well,I could go on and on about how it’s the epitome of something really magnificent,yet undeciphered,still incomprehensible,but hey…..I really don’t want to bombard you with this much jargon.

It just suffices to say that this blog is an extension of my creative medium.My thoughts about this “beautiful” world(in quotes because that is exactly what I want to explore as of now).

Beauty is in the slow rustle of leaves on a windy autumn evening,beauty is in the sudden flight of a flock of birds at the slightest disturbance nearby,beauty is what symmetry assigns and man perceives.

So,here is a short glimpse into my musings.